About Marc & The Energy Lab

Marc Galietta is the owner and founder of The Energy Lab and has over 25 years of competition experience.  He completed his first triathlon in the early 90’s and has since completed well over 100 triathlons, including 15 iron distance races. He is a multi-time Hawaii Ironman World Championship qualifier and finisher, multiple Ironman 70.3 World Championship qualifier, and USAT age-group All-American.  He was ranked as high as 4th in the nation and 19th worldwide in the WTC Ironman age-group rankings and in the top 50 of the USA Triathlon national rankings.

Marc has also completed Ultraman Florida, an invitation only, 3 day ultra-distance triathlon consisting of a 6.2 mile open water swim followed by a 93 mile bike ride on Day 1, a 170 mile bike ride on Day 2, and a 52.4 mile double marathon run on the final Day 3.  Marc took the overall victory on Day 1, while recording the 4th fastest swim and 3rd fastest Day 1 overall time in Ultraman Florida history.  He also held the 3rd fastest combined Day 1 and Day 2 time in Ultraman Florida history.

Marc graduated, with honors, from Lehigh University with an engineering degree and has always been fascinated by the science associated with the sport and has put as much energy into gaining all possible “free” speed, via equipment and fit optimization, as he has into his physical training.  Marc was a student of one the most respected bike fitters in the industry and is the only fitter to be personally trained, in a one-on-one setting, by Todd Kenyon of TTBikeFit (TTBikeFit.com).  He continues to hone his craft every day.  Marc will optimize the fit on your existing bike or, if you’re shopping for a new bike, will dial-in your fit using the patented automated Vertex Fit Cycle (VertexFitSystems.com) and provide a list of specific bikes and sizes that will fit you well.     No bias – you get a list of all appropriate bikes, regardless of whether we sell those bikes or not.

In addition to numerous iron distance events and Ultraman, Marc is one of two people to complete the Epic Deca Challenge in May of 2022.

The Epic Deca was conceived to commemorate the 10 year anniversary of the Epic5 Challenge, which was founded in 2010 and discussed in the books Finding Ultra and Fear No Distance by Rich Roll and Danielle Grabol, respectively.

The traditional Epic5 Challenge is typically 5 iron distance races on 5 Hawaiian Islands in 5 days. The Epic Deca was an invitation-only one-time event limited to 10 athletes.

The Epic Deca was designed to test the limits of the impossible by having athletes attempt to complete 10 iron distance races on 6 different Hawaiian Islands in 10 days.

Making the Challenge more difficult is the travel to six different Hawaiian Islands, extreme weather conditions, sleep deprivation, and required food/nutrition consumption in excess of 10,000 calories per day.

Not only did Marc complete this challenge, he holds the record for the fastest swim, bike, and run throughout the entire event.

Photo credit: Colin Cross

The Energy Lab was born as a result of our frustration with the lack of professional service and, quite frankly, the air of self-importance becoming all too common in many bike shops today.

Every athlete, from beginner, to elite age-grouper or professional deserves the same level of respect, service, and attention to detail.  Aero position bike fit requires a specialized and completely different knowledge base than standard road bike fit.

Knowing the greater Philadelphia area (and most of the U.S.) lacked experienced, well versed fitters in this discipline, it only seemed “fitting” to share our knowledge and expertise with the triathlon community.

If you live within a reasonable distance of the Doylestown, PA area, we welcome you to visit the Lab for an in-person fit at 100 W. Butler Pike, New Britain, PA 18901.  If not, remote/on-line fits are also offered.

We can help you choose your next bike or just get you dialed in on your current one. If you are having comfort and/or performance issues, we can help.