Aero Testing

The Mid-Atlantic Region’s premiere bike fit studio proudly offers advanced outdoor aerodynamic testing to athletes seeking to become faster and more efficient via equipment and position optimization.

This type of testing is no longer limited to professional cyclists and triathletes.  Working with the aerodynamic experts at Aerotune in Germany, we can make this type of service available to age-group athletes of all levels, without the need for costly access to a velodrome or wind tunnel.   We bring the wind tunnel to the outdoors, making aerodynamic measurement and analysis accessible, affordable, and fun.

Advanced artificial intelligence algorithms are used in conjunction with a power meter, GPS device, and speed sensor to measure your CdA (Coefficient of Drag), while you ride your bike outdoors.  This method has been proven to be accurate in real-world conditions to determine fastest position, helmets, bike/hydration setup, or clothing.


Don’t just guess, test!

Aerodynamic Test Session

Receive individual support and advice by our team as we test your own self-brought equipment as well as equipment provided by our partners.  Assistance with minor modifications to the handlebars, bottles/hydration setup, etc. is provided.  Ability to run an unlimited number of setups in the allotted time of approx. 4 hours.  Cost is $675.

  •  Athletes must have been previously fit by The Energy Lab, TTBikeFit, or another reputable/approved fitter.
  • A power meter, gps device, and speed sensor are required.
  • A pre-test consultation is required to discuss test goals (small position changes, clothing, helmets, hydration setup, tires, etc.) so that session can be efficient and cost effective.
  • Example of items to test include: which bike? Which frame?  What kind of wheel/rim, tire, tube?  Water/Drinking bottles and their position or attachment?  What kind of stem system?  Flat kit – yes or no? If yes, where should it be attached? Which helmet?  Visor or glasses?  One-piece suit or two-piece suit?  Short sleeve? Long sleeve?  Shoe covers or not?  Changes to the stem/spacers or the aero bars?  More upright or horizontal position?

Bike Fit & Aerodynamic Test Session

Receive all services of our Bike Fit as well as the Aerodynamic Test Session. 

Duration is approx. 7 hours and cost is $795.