Case Study Template

Tara came to The Energy Lab with two main goals:

  • Optimize the fit on her current bike.

  • Determine what bikes would fit well as a new bike is in her near future.

As always, the initial part of the fit session determined her current position.  We found the following problem areas in Tara’s fit:

  • Relaxed seat angle
  • Closed hip angle
  • Low seat height
  • Upright torso
  • Negative angle on her aero bars.

Tara’s fit when she came to The Energy Lab

Once Tara’s current fit was determined we transferred that fit to the Vertex and got to work.  With the Vertex we were able to run Tara through a range of seat angle, seat height and cockpit scenarios to determine what felt good while still producing power.

The position gave Tara a more aggressive seat angle and rised her saddle quite a bit.  This reulted in a much greater hip angle at the top of her pedal stroke and a much flatter back and more aerodynamic position.  By moving Tara forward the new position puts Tara’s upper arms almost vertical for more skeletal support rather than relying on her core for support.

This new position will result in a more comfortable and faster bike splits for Tara.  We’re looking forward to seeing how Tara’s races go this year!  

Fit Transformation Video

Tara’s Before & After Fit Images

What Tara has to say about her Energy Lab experience:

“I thought my fit was dialed in but after a few hours in his shop I learned what riding in the proper position feels like.

On the Vertex machine Mark was able to make minute adjustments which made a great difference in my comfort and ride.  I was able to feel the power difference from making slight adjustments to my seat height and positioning.  What seemed like a normal effort became an easy effort, at the same wattage, after the adjustments.  I could also feel the relief in pressure on my shoulders and arms when the handlebars moved back into a more compact position.  The new position opened my hips allowing me to have a full pedal stroke and gave me the ability to apply full power at the top of the stroke where it is most efficient.

My power is more sustainable, my body is less tired and I am comfortable for most of the ride.  I am even experiencing less pain in my hip which has allowed me to get back to a little running.

Overall the experience with the Vertex bike fit was positive and beneficial.  I am looking forward to this coming race season to see how much more competitive I am with the new positioning!”

Tara runs the everyBODY Multisport website.  You can see a full write up about her Energy Lab fitting experience HERE.