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Whether you are just getting started, or you are a seasoned veteran, you can benefit from bike fit analysis.  Many athletes assume that a flat aero position is inherently uncomfortable, requires extreme flexibility and core strength, and is something only elite athletes can achieve.  This simply is NOT the case!  If you’ve had back or shoulder problems that you attribute to being too low or aggressive, it’s much more likely to be caused by a closed (too narrow) hip angle and/or a too short or too long cockpit/reach.  Without a biomechanical bike fit analysis, you are simply guessing.  We find again and again that our clients are MORE COMFORTABLE, MORE POWERFUL, and MORE AERO.

Nothing will do more for your speed than an optimal bike fit that gives you the “Big Three” of COMFORT, POWER and AERODYNAMICS.  But how do you know if YOUR bike fit is optimal?

Aero-position (triathlon) bike fit is totally different than standard road bike fit. Bike fit formulas based on static measures of body dimensions are not sufficient to find a good aero position.  Only body angle analysis can tell the whole story, and the best way to do that is to measure angles under load and in-motion, not in a static state.  We can make sure that your body is tracking through the same angles exhibited by the world’s top professionals.

We can help you get faster and more comfortable on your current bike, decide which new frame will work best for you, and help choose components and upgrades. 

The biggest performance upgrade you can make to your bike is a proper fit. Your bike and optimal fit coordinates must promote COMFORT, POWER and AERODYNAMICS.  A proper fit will help you be able to sustain your position for the duration or your event, promote maximum power output, and reduce aerodynamic drag.  The rider accounts for up to 80% of the aerodynamic drag created while cycling.  The bike frame, wheels, helmet, shoes, etc. accounts for only 20% of the resulting drag.  In short, an ideal aero position (horizontal torso) can save you 6 minutes over 40k, while aero wheels might save 1-2 minutes and an aero frame only 1 minute (note that these are not all additive).  Clearly, a good aero fit is the most cost-effective way to improve your bike split.

Now, you probably had some type of bike fit at the local bike shop when you bought your bike. If you ride a road bike in a standard road position, obtaining a halfway decent fit is relatively straight forward and might include inseam measurement, setting saddle height (using mathematical formula or measuring knee angle), etc.  This type of basic fit will generally work fine for a road position, and this is all most bike shops know how to do.  If you have not been fit to your tri bike by an aero fit specialist, you’re most likely set up wrong.  Also, a certificate from a 1 or 2 day bike fit class/seminar does not a fitter make.

The simple fact is this that aero fit is an involved, unique discipline and has nothing in common with a road bike fit.  Ideally, you want a fairly horizontal torso, which requires a lower front end.  Many people equate such a position with PAIN, which is not unexpected, as an aero position will be extremely uncomfortable unless done properly.  It really is possible to be aero, powerful, and comfortable, but you must examine and adjust every fit parameter.  To achieve a positive fit outcome, the position must be measured accurately, and static measuring devices don’t tell the whole story.

The TTBikeFit (aka, The Human Missile Factory) methodology utilized at The Energy Lab has the following advantages over a generic bike shop fit:

  • Aero-specific fit. We know how to fit aero. Many “fit systems” fail to distinguish between road and aero fitting.
  • We use dynamic analysis of you pedaling under load, as opposed to static measurement which may not accurately depict your position.
  • We use software to plot your angles while you are working, instead of measuring angles with a device while you are stopped. Angle measuring devices are prone to error and are unable to take measurements while you are moving.

While we can certainly fit you on your own bike, dynamic fit bike fittings have some major advantages.  They are great for finding a “perfect” position without being limited by a particular bike (frame size, geometry, crank length, aerobar, etc.).  If you have a bike that is wrong for you, or you are looking to move from an entry level to a high-end race bike, a fit bike session will take the guesswork out of the process. The revolutionary PATENTED Vertex Fit Cycle is simply the best fit bike available.  Because the Vertex Fit Cycle can remotely change all your fit parameters while you are pedaling under load, you can immediately feel the effect of changes, and we can immediately see (and analyze with motion analysis software) what the changes do to your body and pedal stroke.  We can incrementally and repeatedly adjust all your fit parameters until we zero in on that perfect fit.  We will also investigate crank length changes using the on-board Vari-Crank.  Proprietary calculators are then used to give you a list of frames that will work well for you.  Or, we can calculate exactly what adjustments are needed to match your current bike to the fit bike coordinates.  We also have proprietary calculators for configuring all the “Super Bikes”.  Since many of these are hugely painful and time consuming to adjust, it is great to know what needs to be done BEFORE wrenching.

If you’re considering a new bike, talk to us first! We are about fit first and UNBIASED advice.  Just ask anyone who has used our pre-buy services.  We can tell you what specific frames and sizes will work for you and discuss the pros and cons of just about anything out there.  Yes, we do sell bikes (Blue, Fuji, Kestrel, Argon 18, Louis Garneau, Ventum, Quintana Roo, Litespeed, Open, Orbea, Look, Premier) but we will ALWAYS provide you with a list of ALL bikes that could work for you, and we will NEVER recommend a bike that is wrong for you just to make a sale.  We have absolutely no floor inventory and therefore have no incentive to try to force you onto an ill-fitting bike because we need to make a sale.  It’s in your best interest to read this TTBikeFit Blog post BEFORE making a purchase decision.

TRIATHLETE MAGAZINE included Marc and The Energy Lab on their list of the BEST BIKE FITTERS IN THE US in a 2023 article.

From the article:

But pros aren’t the only ones who benefit from a proper bike fit. When age-groupers seek out a professional for a fitting, they often discover a wealth of information beyond the ideal saddle position. Stuart Selber, an age-grouper with ten Ironman finishes to his name, utilizes his fitter, Marc Galietta, to continually learn how to optimize his performance on the bike.

“Marc is an expert engineer with a full understanding of aerodynamics, bikes, and bodies and how they need to come together to produce an excellent ride or race,” Selber says. “But he also listens carefully, explains what he’s doing, and elicits and values feedback. In addition, he’s always available as a resource, answering questions and providing sound advice. Since I started working with Marc, my bike splits have improved by an order of magnitude, and I’ve been running better off the bike than ever before at the Ironman distance.”

Stuart’s full testimonial:

“I’ve been doing triathlons since the late 1980s, and have worked with many bike fitters. Marc Galietta is simply among the best in the business. He’s an expert engineer, of course, with a full understanding of aerodynamics, bikes, and bodies and how they need to come together to produce an excellent ride or race. But he also listens carefully, explains what he’s doing, and elicits and values feedback. In addition, he’s always available as a resource, answering questions and providing sound advice. Since I started working with Marc, my bike splits have improved by an order of magnitude, and I’ve been running better off the bike than ever before at the Ironman distance. One of the smartest things I’ve done in triathlon is to trust Marc with my bike fit. He’s a game changer!”

Stuart Selber

Faculty Adviser, Penn State Triathlon; 10x Ironman finisher

“Marc is phenomenal. Logical, practical in his approach. Explains everything along the way, making sure you understand the how’s and why’s. He listens and takes in all your concerns and what your aim is. His personal experience as a triathlete is remarkable and applies his experience well in helping you get the right fit. Not rushed at all. He was genuinely attentive and cared that he ‘got it right.’  Super nice and grateful for his time and attention. Went back for him to install some new components to help with my fit – was great he could do that since he had my fit measurements and could make sure it all still made sense for me, taking out any guessing. Can’t recommend him enough. Worth it many times over and I look forward to reaping the benefits of this fit. After just 2 weeks I’m already more comfortable in aero for almost the entirety of my training rides. Amazing.”

Eric Matkowski

Philadelphia, PA

“I can’t even express how much today means to me picking up this beauty and all the time and attention Marc gave me getting every little detail of the bike perfect. Also from my fit to full build was 16 days, that’s unreal!

Anyone ever looking for a bike fitting needs to go to him, he uses the Vertex, measures the angles, watch yourself ride live and takes time getting it all right and perfectly comfortable. I know I’ll be back as I prepare for the same first Ironman that Marc raced in Lake Placid! Thank you so much again, I can’t wait to get riding!”

Tina Claire

Philadelphia, PA

“Finding the right fit starts with the principle and integrity of the Fitter. Marc’s service and knowledge vastly improved my recovery and performance. Marc at the Energy Lab 100 percent delivers!”
Vedder Todd White

Buffalo, NY

“Three years ago , I had my first professional bike fit by Marc at The Energy Lab.  He not only selected and custom fit me to my first triathlon bike, but has since optimized my fit for maximum performance .  He gave me the confidence in my riding position which led to many overall age group wins.  I can’t thank  Marc enough for his fine attention to detail , professional manner, and expert knowledge!  I will be continually coming back to Marc for unbiased opinions, recommendations and updated fits!”


Samantha Snukis

Top Ranked Triathlete

Some of Samantha’s Results

2019 Ironman 70.3 Steelhead – First Age Group Female Overall
2019 Delaware Valley Duathlon – 1st Female (3rd OA)
2019 Ironman 70.3 Eagleman – 1st Age Group Female Overall (2nd Overall including Pro Women)
2018 Ironman Lake Placid 70.3 – 1st Overall Female and 56th Overall (Qualified Ironman 70.3 World Championships)
2018 USAT Duathlon F30-34 – National Champion


In-Person Bike Fitting

$495 Aero or Road Fit

  • The Vertex Fit Cycle allows us to find optimal position with no constraints, and then transfer the fit coordinates to your bike.
  • The Vertex allows quick changes of all fit parameters while you ride, including saddle tilt. You can immediately feel the result of the changes while you pedal at the desired power level.
  • Rapid crank length and saddle swaps to further dial in your fit. Immediately feel the effects of different cranks lengths and saddles.
  • Cleat placement analysis combined with knee tracking analysis and varus/valgus wedging if needed
  • Fit Cycle and fit platform utilize a Wahoo Kickr for power analysis
  • Our proprietary software and database can provide instant recommendations on best fit bikes and specific configurations.
  • Opportunity to try out Adamo/Cobb etc. saddles – we carry demo saddles!
  • We do all needed fit-related light mechanical work, and any light installation and tune-up work needed
  • Any needed follow-up adjustments/consultations are included, and satisfaction is guaranteed – if it’s not right we will work until it is
  • All fit sessions include initial consultation/interview, current position analysis, transfer of your current fit coordinates to the Vertex Fit Cycle, subsequent adjustments to your position on the Vertex, reconfiguration of your bike to optimized coordinates, and cleat positioning/knee tracking analysis.

If you live a reasonable distance from Doylestown, PA, please email us to set up an appointment. We will do our best to accommodate your schedule.  A typical session takes at least 2 hours, and can take up to 3 hours. With an in-person fit, we do all the light mechanical work.  For an in-person fit, you’ll need to bring your bike(s), bike shoes, aero helmet (optional) and cycling or tri outfit. If you’re looking to install any new equipment (saddle, bars, pedals, shoes etc.) bring them also.

Prebuy Fitting

Planning to invest in a new bike?  Don’t make a $5,000 mistake!  Make sure you get a bike that works best for your specific fit BEFORE purchasing the bike. Visit us in PA and we will put you on the Vertex Fit Cycle, dial in your fit, and provide a list of specific bikes and sizes that will fit you well. No bias – you get a list of all appropriate bikes.  Looking for a “Super Bike”?  We have proprietary calculators that determine the exact configuration that works for your fit – no guesswork – build the bike right the first time.

Arm yourself with Knowledge BEFORE You Shop for a New Tri or Road Bike.

Determining which tri bikes are good fits for you can be a monumental task.  Dealers don’t necessarily have YOUR best interests in mind and often provide conflicting, biased, and incorrect information as many have no real understanding of bike fit and the nuances of different bike models.  This is what we do at The Energy Lab.  We have databases and fit calculators for nearly every tri bike on the market, and many road bikes.  We have also worked on and/or custom built most of them.


  • Visit us here at the Lab and we’ll put you on the revolutionary automated Vertex Fit Cycle.
  • We will find the perfect fit coordinates for you and then calculate which frames will accommodate your position.
  • You will be able to see and feel the effects immediately when we change fit parameters WHILE YOU ARE PEDALING UNDER LOAD!
  • If you are looking for a “Super Bike” that utilizes a proprietary/integrated front-end, we can tell you exactly how to configure the front end of the bike before it is built up. This is crucial, as changing configuration on some of these bikes can take hours.
  • Neutral, educated advice on frame and component selection
  • Avoid making a costly mistake – get the right frame the first time!
  • Cost is $495. If a bike is purchased through us, $195 is credited towards the purchase of the new bike and the final fit is included!

Online/Remote Fitting

If you can’t visit us in-person and are comfortable doing your own adjustments, then the online fit option may be for you.  Upload a video of yourself on the trainer and we can help optimize your position for comfort, power, and aerodynamics.

  • Optimize saddle height through knee angle analysis
  • Optimize power through hip angle analysis
  • Optimize comfort through torso angle analysis, saddle and front-end adjustment recommendations
  • Optimize knee tracking and alignment (front angle video required)
  • Check for asymmetries (front angle and both-sides video required)
  • Obtain the most aero position possible in accordance with your experience and race goals
  • A fully narrated downloadable video analysis or written report of your current position and any recommended changes will be provided
  • A follow-up analysis of your video after any changes are made
  • Any additional follow-up video/analysis or advice to get it right is included
  • Neutral and unbiased advice on equipment choices and configuration.  We can help you choose a new frame or component upgrade

Send us an email for Online Fit step-by-step instructions.

Recent Energy Lab Client Results

Vincenzo Marchione – 2018 USAT Half Iron M40-44 National Champion (in-person fit)
Blair Saunders – 2018 USAT Aquabike Overall AG National Champion (on-line fit)
Kathleen Murray – 2018 Ironman Raleigh 70.3 1st F35-39 (Qualified Ironman 70.3 World Championships), Ironman Lake Placid 140.6 3rd F35-39 (in-person fit)
Cynthia Bartus – 2018 IM Maryland 140.6 6th F40-44, 2018 Ultraman World Championship 3rd OA Female (in-person fit)
John Littlewood – 2018 IM Arizona 140.6 2nd M40-44 & 9th AG Overall in 9:07:40 – Kona Qualification (in-person fit/aero optimization)
Jeremy Howard – 2017 Ultraman World Championships 2nd Overall (in-person fit)
Samantha Snukis – 2018 Ironman Lake Placid 70.3 1st Overall Female and 56th Overall (Qualified Ironman 70.3 World Championships), USAT Duathlon F30-34 National Champion (in-person fit)
Holly Benner – 2017 Ironman Louisville 140.6 8th FPro, 2018 Ironman Eagleman 70.3 3rd FPro
Mike Carriglitto – 2018 USAT National Duathlon Championship 3rd M40-44 (in-person fit)
Greg Sullivan – 2017 Kona Qualification (in-person fit)
Sean Fenoff – 2018 Ironman Lake Placid 140.6 1st M18-24 Kona Qualifiation (in-person fit)
Mark Dooley – 2018 Ironman Maryland 140.6 4th M50-54 & 56th Overall 10:01:18 – Kona Qualification (in-person fit)

Jeremy Howard – 2017 Ultraman World Championship 2nd Overall
Dave Rees – 2018 Patriot Half Ironman 3rd M55-59
John Littlewood – 2018 Ironman Arizona 2nd M40-44 (9th Overall in 9:07)
Cynthia Bartus – 2018 Ultraman World Championship 3rd Female Overall
Jeff Richmond – 2019 Ironman 70.3 Puerto Rico 1st M45-49
Samantha Snukis – 2019 Delaware Valley Duathlon 1st Female (3rd OA)
Kathleen Murray – 2019 Delaware Valley Duathlon 2nd Female (7th OA)
Cynthia Bartus – 2019 Delaware Valley Duathlon 3rd Female (9th OA)
Nancy Smith – 2019 Delaware Valley Duathlon 1st F60-64
Matt Wolf – 2019 Delaware Valley Duathlon 2nd OA (fastest bike split)
Ed Chang – 2019 Delaware Valley Duathlon 2nd M40-44 (8th OA)
Mark Dean – 2019 Delaware Valley Duathlon 2nd M65-69
Blair Saunders – 2019 ITU Aquabike World Championship 1st M50-54
Luke Davis – 2019 Ironman 70,3 Virginia 3rd M25-29 (13th Overall)
Nancy Smith – 2019 Ironman 70.3 Connecticut 1st F60-64
Luke Davis – 2019 Ironman 70.3 Eagleman 4th M25-29
Vincenzo Marchione- 2019 Ironman 70.3 Eagleman 2nd M40-44
Maryann Galietta- 2019 Ironman 70.3 Eagleman 1st F75-79
Samantha Snukis – 2019 Ironman 70.3 Eagleman 1st Age Group Female Overall (2nd Overall including Pro Women)