Basic Tune-up

Check shifting and adjust derailleurs and brakes, lubricate chain, check wear on chain & cassette, brake pads, and tires, safety check of complete bike.  Adjust all bearings (wheel hubs, headset, crankset), check nuts and bolts for proper fastening with torque wrench, frame and fork inspection, and light cleaning of bike.  Free installation of wear & tear parts purchased in-store with Basic Tune-Up Recommended before any race, ride, training camp and/or several times a season.  $75

Complete Tune-up

Basic tune-up PLUS:  Complete drivetrain and frame cleaning, overhaul headset, bottom bracket and crankset.  Free installation of wear & tear parts purchased in-store with Complete Tune-Up.  Recommended 1 to 2 times per season (pre, post, or midseason depending on use/weather conditions). $150

Maintenance, Upgrade & Repair Services

We offer professional service/maintenance of your triathlon or road.  As fellow athletes, we understand and appreciate the time demands on multi-sport athletes and can usually offer 24 hour turn-around time on most bikes.  Ask about mobile service and concierge pick-up/delivery.

Bicycle Overhaul

Complete tune-up PLUS:  Removal of all components, clean, lube, prep, and reassemble bike to proper specification with new cables, housing, and handle bar tape.  Free installation of parts purchased in-store with Overhaul.  Recommended once per season or after heavy/extreme use in severe weather conditions.  Road or CX Bike: $225 / TT or Tri Bike: $250 (price dependent on make/model)

Complete Drive Train Cleaning

Clean & lube front and rear derailleurs as needed, remove & clean cassette, clean & lube chain, check chain wear, clean front chain rings.  Clean wheels and frame. (No tune-up.  Cleaning only) $75

Popular Additional Services

Install bike tube:  $15 (tube included)
Tubeless tire set-up:  $40 (includes sealant and tubeless rim tape)
Replace tubeless tire:  $20 (includes sealant)
Tubular Tire Install:  Starts at $50.  Ask for quote.
Derailleur adjustment front or rear:  $15 each
Chain replacement: $15
Cassette or chainring installation.  $15
Install Pedals:  $15
Hub/Pre-load Adjustment/Overhaul:  $15/$30
Headset Adjustment/Overhaul:  $15/$30

Install headset:  $25
Install headset w/cups:  $50
Install stem, seatpost, or saddle:  $15
Install drop bars:  $30
Install aerobars w/ cable routing:  Ask for quote
Install clip-on aerobars:  $25 (w/o cabling/routing)
Install derailleur:  $25
Install shifter:  $25
Bottom Bracket Adjustment/Overhaul:  $15/$45
Bottom Bracket install: $50

Basic Wheel Truing:  $20
Adjust rim brake:  $15
Install brake pads (per caliper):  $10
Install rim brake: $25
Adjust disc brake: $20
Install disc brake pads or rotors (per caliper):  $10
Install Mechanical Disc Brakes:  $25
Install Hydraulic Disc Brakes:  $40
Disk brake bleeding:  $40 (per wheel)
Brake & gear cable/housing install.  $20 per cable/housing (Tri/TT Bike and/or internal cables please ask for quote)

Handlebar Taping:  $15
Fork cut to size.  $40 (Tri/TT bike please ask for quote)
Box Bike for shipping: $99 (Box will be provided if available).  We offer best pricing on Shipping.  Ask for quote.
Build Bike from box:  $99
Frame swap:  Road/CX:  $225; TT/Tri $250 (depending on make/model)
General Shop Labor Rate:  $75 per hr.
Rush Service: $50 (subject to availability)
Mobile Service:  $100 first hr. & $75/hr. shop rate each additional hour.  Email for more details & for scheduling/availability.

** Please note replacement parts are not included in the above service prices unless otherwise noted **