Equipment & Race Consulting


Bike/Frame Selection

If you’re an experienced athlete and know your riding position, or are very comfortable with the position on your current setup (no fit required) a consultation is available to help select a properly fitting new bike, including brand, frame size and parts/styles.  This will allow the rider to select a properly fitting bike before a purchase is made, avoiding a costly mistake.


Aero Optimization

Again, this service is typically for riders who have been previously fit and are comfortable with his/her position.  A consultation is available to discuss/install hydration setup, bottle placement, computer mount, flat kit, and front-end cable management.

We are available for consulting on a number of topics.

Typical topics include, but are not limited to:

  •  Race Execution Reviews
  • Annual Planning
  • Setting up your basic week
  • Equipment optimization

 Cost is $50 to $150 per hour depending on your needs.

Cycling performance optimization

This is for riders who have been previously fit at The Energy Lab, TTBikeFit, or another reputable fitter and are looking to fine-tune their fit to reach that next level of performance.  Utilizing the Vertex Fit Cycle, we will perform iterative interval testing under heavy load (at/near threshold) while making small changes in saddle height, seat angle, and crank length without adjusting the front end (and without changing the saddle’s relationship to the front end of the bike – which can only be done on the Vertex) while receiving instant rider feedback.  Typical session is 60 minutes.



A follow-up appointment is available for clients who have already been through a fitting, and are in need of adjustment. A follow-up appointment is appropriate for a bike that has been fit by The Energy Lab within the previous calendar year.  A follow-up appointment is appropriate for part changes and recommendations as well as new saddle demo/selection.  This is not a full bike fit.